Knowledge centre

Our democracy belongs to us all. ProDemos aims to actively involve as many people as possible in the democratic process. To achieve this goal, we develop attractive, informative websites, organise debates and provide detailed information on how democracy and the rule of law work exactly.

ProDemos organises topical debates, courses and meetings and carries out commissioned and un-commissioned research into democracy and the rule of law. In addition, we publish informative publications about the political process, which can often be downloaded free of charge.

Information about political matters

One of ProDemos’ main objectives is to provide insight into the democratic process and the rule of law and to increase their accessibility for the general public. To this end, we answer citizens’ questions relating to democracy and the rule of law, and besides our publications we also offer targeted background information on:

  • The Municipality
  • The Province
  • The Netherlands
  • Political parties
  • Elections
  • The European Union
  • Electoral systems in Europe


To enhance people’s experience of the democratic process and our constitutional state, ProDemos has already developed a large number of tools and websites that allow citizens to scrutinise their viewpoints, influence and the consequences of their political choices. We have listed a few examples below. StemWijzer The StemWijzer (Vote Match)...

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Debates, seminars and other meetings

ProDemos regularly organises debates about democracy and the rule of law. Examples of subjects dealt with in previous debates include: Civic engagement in administrative practice Closing the empowerment gap through citizenship education: How to address educationally disadvantaged groups (NECE conference) Night of the Dictatorschip / Day of Democracy In-depth lecture...

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ProDemos regularly publishes books that offer in-depth information on political subjects. Our offer also extends to other themes like the history of the Binnenhof, course material for schools and political games. Several of these publications have been translated into English.ProDemos Binnenhof brochures-spaans Politics in the Netherlands The Netherlands is a...

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